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    What is a  CV ?            j



Biography or the Latin Curriculum Vitae (curriculum - review, Vita-Life) is a personal site that includes your qualifications, skills and experience, and gives an insight into your profile, ambitions and future plans. 

If you are not sure how your CV should look like, see the example resumes for graduate lawyers here. 

Today, the biography of a document that is obligatory part of every application for a job. The purpose of the biography is the best way you present employer, and to correlate your qualifications, experience and abilities with the demands of the position you are applying. It is your most important marketing tool, which demonstrates that you are the right man for the job. 

The goal of your resume is in the first place to raise your prices with a potential employer. Employers want to resume from where you can see what a candidate may, as he is able and kopetentan, and why that candidate should just call for an interview. 

Traditionally, the biography gives an overview of your education, work experience and interests. Tells you why a particular answer or improper position. Secondly, biography gives the ability to predict your success in the future, on the basis of what you have achieved in the past. 

Keep in mind that the CV is a short version, not autobiography. If you are invited to interview, you will get a chance to talk about more details. 

No matter whether you're at the beginning of his career, looking for first job, whether you are looking for new challenges, or better conditions, writing biographies of the first and basic form of communication with the prospective employer. Biography is often your only pass the interview and be sure to get the time!


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